pmG’s messiahStudio5 Dare To Share $10 Challenge

Sections: Graphics / Design, Mac Software

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Have you ever wanted to get an animation and rendering software package to explore your creativity but have been turned away by the extremely high price? Fear not! For a limited time you can get pmG’s messiahStudio5 Basic Edition for $10 (originally $499) or Pro Edition for $40 (originally $1195) if enough people take part in order to meet the goal. Once this goal is met, the prices return to normal, so you’d better hurry…they’re about 75% of the way there at press time. You can see the progress bar as well as place an order at pmG’s Dare to Share $10 Challenge.

messiahStudio has all of the features you need to make animations including a renderer and shader system, character animation, custom character rigging, hair renderer, particle system and much more. It also works well with Modo, Maya, 3DMAX, SoftImage XSI, LightWave, and Cinema 4D.

If you’re not sure whether messiahStudio is for you, you can download and demo and the documentation you’ll need.

System Requirements

  • Intel Processor
  • Mac OS 10.4 or above

Product [messiahStudio5]

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