CYL Premium Silicone Case for iPhone 4 review

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CYL Premium Silicone Case for iPhone 4Provides: iPhone protection
Developer: Dexim
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Verizon Compatible: No
Price: $21.90
Availability: Now

My review of the CYL Premium Silicone Case for iPhone 4 likely could’ve been rolled into the SL EKO Case for iPhone review. The cases are quite similar in function and price, but they’ll appeal to different audiences due entirely to design.

The CYL Premium Silicone, as its name implies, is a soft, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane construction. It fits well, but the areas around the volume and dock openings are too lose and flip over the screen when you hold the case the wrong way. And although the dock opening is fine, the volume area isn’t wide enough for easy access. You should have no troubles with the camera opening, and only really wide jack casings will be troublesome with the headphone opening. There’s even an opening for the SIM card, which most companies don’t consider.

The bevel over the front of the iPhone is large enough to prevent the screen from coming into contact with a surface, and this is an instance where the loose fit is a benefit; when you need to swipe to the edge of the screen, the lip easily moves out of your way for clean access. And because the edges and back are completely covered by the silicone shell, your iPhone is well protected against minor drops. Dexim even considered the screen, including a protector, squeegee card for application, and cleaning cloth.

The design is minimal, but kind of slick. The edges on all models are translucent, while the back is striped in green, red, purple, pink or black. It has a nice texture to it that’s comfortable to hold, although a bit slippery at first. The look and feel aren’t for everyone, but we can say the same about all iPhone cases, right?

So, despite its similarities to the SL EKO, I feel more comfortable recommending the CYL Premium Silicone. The easy on/off and the sharper design make it more worth the price despite a couple flaws.

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CYL Premium iPhone 4 case review

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