Julius Dance Machine Docking Station review

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Julius Dance Machine Docking StationProvides: iPhone / iPod audio playback and docking
Developer: SpeakerCraft
Minimum Requirements: Dockable iPod or iPhone
Price: $99.95
Availability: Now

When you first take a gander at these speakers, only one word comes to mind: monkey. The monkey is, after all, Paul Frank’s signature image, but you have to wonder how good a monkey speaker could really be.

As it turns out, monkeys can actually make a pretty good audio system. Tap that right ear enough times (the ears are volume control) and you will get some serious sound from this little speaker. It was enough to pass this reviewer’s shower test, which consists of bringing it into the bathroom and making sure the volume can drown out the sound of the water.

The dock is a great feature as well, since it charges your iPhone or iPod. The Julius Dance Machine has two power sources—a DC cord and a rechargeable NiMH batterybattery—you may find that charging results vary when you use the battery since you are basically robbing Peter to pay Paul, in that case. With a fresh charge on the 9-Volt, I was able to get just under five hours of play time.

On the whole, this is a fun and funky way to get great sound.

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    nice stuff bro! I I used this china shit before, but my GF loves monkeys lol, she will love the creativity