Cinematize 3 Pro for Mac OS X review

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Category: DVD ripper
Developer: Miraizon
System Requirements: Intel or G3 PowerPC processor, 512MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4, QuickTime 7.2,
Review Device: 2.26GHz 13” Macbook Pro, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM
Processor compatability: Universal
Price: $129.95
Availability: Out now

Cinematize Pro (CP3) 3 is a professional-level DVD ripper for the production of shorter clips in a variety of formats. Now, I don’t mean “professional” like the guy at Home Depot trying to sell you a power tool (“Yeah, this baby costs a little more, but it’s what the pros use…”), I mean it’s set up to fill a particular need and automate a repetitive process. If you just want to rip The Hangover to your iPhone, this isn’t the app for you.

cinematize pro 3 main screen

In the first place, CP3 doesn’t work with protected DVDs. You’ll need one with no DRM or one that’s already been stripped of DRM. Once you get the DVD into the application, CP3 will scan it and select what it thinks are the main movie assets (though you can find all the title sets in a pull down menu, or even look for the menu animations).

Once you find the video file you’re looking for, you can select the start and end point of the amount of video you want to rip, keeping it as simple as pulling an entire chapter (or chapters), or, for more precision, setting an in and out down to an individual frame.

When you’ve set those, you can choose the video and audio codec you want to use to pull it, whether you want to include subtitles, and the output options (High quality, TV, web/portable) along with the wrapper file (.mov, .mp4, .avi, etc). Get those set and then add them to the Extraction List to be ripped. Now, the useful part about CP3 is that you can use the Extraction List as a queue by adding multiple clips from the same DVD, even in different formats for the same clip. Hit extract and go do something else while CP3 churns through the files. That’s the big time saver, allowing you to pull the same clip in multiple languages as well as a DVD-quality AVI and an iPad ready MP4. And in addition to supporting multi-core processors for faster extractions, you can save settings and use them over and over again, reducing the time it takes to repeat the same tasks.

CP3 is, as I mentioned, a tool for DVD professionals. It assumes you know the jargon of DVD production and makes little effort to explain. Error messages are oblique. It’s not a friendly application, assuming you know what you’re trying to do and offering you a set of tools to do it as quickly as possible. The price tag reflects that: $130 is a chunk of change to rip scenes from DVDs—something than can be done for free with the right combination of tools. But the reason why Cinematic Pro 3 is worth it is because it saves time, and for professionals, time is money.

This is an application for a very specific niche, but inside that community, it’s an extremely useful tool that will save a lot of time.

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Cinematize 3 Pro for Mac OS X review

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