Free apps roundup for February 18th, 2011

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AmpliTube FenderThis week on the free apps roundup: IK Multimedia is at it again, this time collaborating with Fender to bring you the best of Fender gear virtualized at your fingertips via AmpliTube Fender. If you can’t remember to check the weather on any regular basis, WeatherAlerts is the perfect app for you. I even found a bunch of limited time freebies. Grab them before they start charging again.

  • AmpliTube Fender Free for iPad – IK Multimedia has teamed up with Fender to release a brand new Fender based AmpliTube app for iOS. It has all the great features of AmpliTube 2 for iOS, but with Fender gear. All of this gear is available via in app purchase on other AmpliTube versions. This free version should give you a taste of what it’s like on the iPad.
  • AmpliTube Fender Free for iPhone – And here’s the iPhone version.
  • WeatherAlerts – is great, but it has one flaw; you have to launch it to actually get information. WeatherAlerts can inform you of, well, weather alerts via push notification. It’s totally free and without ads.
  • Color Lens – Here’s an interesting augmented reality app that can modify a single color range on screen. Not sure how useful it will be to change the color of anything this quickly, but it could be fun. Heck, you could make yourself into one of those green-skinned-temptresses from Star Trek.
  • Slide to Unlock – You perform this task every time you turn on your iPhone, but are you a master? This game challenges you to prove your mastery of the slide gesture with numerous locks on screen. It supports OpenFeint and now Game Center. Free for a limited time.
  • Tap Trace – Here’s an app that normally costs $4 and helps track a lost or stolen iPhone without a subscription fee. You can use their site to send a message on screen, hoping your device has made it into the hands of honest folk. Even if they aren’t honest but tap View on the popup message, the app will try to send its location. It might be a good idea to grab this app just in case.
  • DOGFIGHT! – You have to scream it. Basically, you control a fighter plane while trying to survive. The graphics are nice and the controls are simple. Give it a try before they start charging again.
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