Apple’s March 2nd iPad event is officially on

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Apple Event - March 2nd

Well, there you have it. Official invitations have been sent out for Apple’s March 2nd event, as predicted yesterday by Kara Swisher at All Things Digital. The invitation clearly indicates (or hints strongly towards, depending upon how you read Apple invites) an iPad-centric event. Hopefully, though, we’ll get more than that, as I really don’t want 2011 to be just the year of the iPad.

There’s little to go on beyond the image above, so we’ll save the speculation for the week leading up to the 2nd. Well, actually, let’s have a little fun now, shall we? The e-mail tip we received about the invitation contained this:

Sources close to the matters are saying that apple will unveiled the Ipad with Facetime capabilities and might be revealing the next IOS 5.0 creation on the Ipad itself. Just like apple did last year, making a improved version of the IOS 3.2 for the Ipad(only) software. That would be serious competition for the android markets that are heading out with their own 3.0 Honeycomb optimized android software.


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