Fling analog joystick for iPad review

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Provides: Tactile control feedback for iPad
Developer: Ten One Design
Minimum Requirements: iPad
Price: $19.95 (two pack for $29.94)
Availability: Now

After using Fling for a month now, I really want to tell you that if you’re at all serious about iPad gaming, you need one of these. Two of them, even. But in doing so, I would be misleading you slightly. This is because your need for Fling will depend entirely upon your game library.

Fling for iPad

Fling is, quite simply, an analog joystick for your iPad. It attaches to your screen via two suction cups that provide more than enough hold. In fact, if you don’t remove it properly, you’re more likely to pull the Fling out of the suction cups than you are to remove the cups from the screen. No worries about that, though; they snap right back into place.

Fling for iPad

By placing Fling over the virtual d-pad on your game screen, you’ll instantly achieve better control. This isn’t so much because Fling creates an actual button (although it is more comfortable like one), but because it keps your thumb in place. You won’t as easily slide off the virtual d-pad without realizing it. Equally important, the “engineering-grade” resin spiral that holds the button automatically centers itself when you raise your thumb. This makes it much, much easier to get back into place, as you’ll be able to find the button again without looking.

The Fling developers took a couple extra steps in their design that prove they’re gamers themselves. First, an outer ring surrounds the coil, ensuring you won’t push it too far out during intense gaming sessions, compromising the integrity of the coil. Second, the entire device is transparent, aside from the button itself (although you can purchase models with black or purple accents). If you need to see the action beneath the device, you can.

Fling for iPad

For only $19.99, Fling isn’t just a great deal, it’s a must-have accessory. Again, though, I need to qualify that statement. Although you can place Fling anywhere on the screen, not all games require use of a d-pad. And those that do sometimes shift controls around. My immediate example is Gameloft’s Eternal Legacy HD. Fling would be great for running around the cinematic environments, but the virtual d-pad is replaced by a menu system during battles, at which point Fling would just get in the way.

And, of course, if you’re more about casual games, you probably don’t even know what a d-pad is.

But I can’t fault Fling for games that don’t require its use, of course; I just want to make sure you know whether this is something you need. If so, buy it. Now. I can’t recommend this enough. In fact, buy the two pack. You never know when you’ll find yourself facing a dual stick shooter. In fact, if you buy a Fling two-pack, you’ll find yourself buying dual stick shooters just to put them to use.

That, then, is the beauty of it. Fling doesn’t just improve your scores, it finally makes the iPad feel like a bonafide gaming device.

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Fling review

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