Blackberry Messenger coming to iOS?

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BBM coming to iOS?

A couple of years ago, Blackberry devices were known for their email capabilities. Now it seems the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Blackberry is BBM—Blackberry Messenger—which could soon be finding its way onto iOS and Android devices as slimmed-down versions of the popular messaging application.

On the surface, Blackberry Messenger is a short form of communication between owners of Blackberry devices. Users have a Blackberry PIN they are free to share. Possibly the best feature of BBM is the fact that it’s a free service, which means it’s a viable alternative to SMS if the majority of your friends and colleagues also use Blackberry devices.

We’re now hearing rumors that Research in Motion has plans to bring BBM to both iOS and Android devices. According to multiple sources speaking to Boy Genius Report, RIM is expected to release a simpler version of the messaging application, meaning Android and iPhone users could communicate via BBM, but they may not be able to share rich media or their location through the service. There’s also a possibility that RIM could charge a fee for BBM—either a one-off charge or a recurring monthly cost.

According to Boy Genius Report, Android will be the first to recieve the application, but there are plans in place to develop and release BBM for iOS devices in the near future.

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