Connect your guitar to GarageBand on iPad 2 with Apogee’s JAM

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Apogee JAM

I know what you’re thinking; the last thing iOS devices need is another guitar input interface. It’s a fair point, but Apogee’s JAM is different than the rest. Instead of utilizing the headphone jack as a line in, the JAM connects digitally to your iPad 2 or other iOS device via the dock connector. This digital interface should prove to be the highest quality guitar input for iOS. Plus, it pulls double duty by working over USB with your Mac.

Apogee snuck this announcement in during Apple’s iPad 2 extravaganza. If you were paying close attention, it was featured in the GarageBand video. This device must be pretty awesome if Apple wanted it for the iPad 2 unveiling.

The JAM looks as though it may be one of the most versatile and promising guitar inputs when it’s released at the end of this month. It uses PureDIGITAL technology to deliver uncompromising guitar tones straight to your iOS device or Mac. It does this by connecting digitally to these devices, instead of through the headphone port (analog). This should improve audio quality.

Apogee JAM

The JAM is dead simple. There’s a 1/4 inch input optimized for guitar or bass, a gain wheel on the side, a single LED that represents your audio signal on the front, and finally, the actual USB connection interface on the top. Included with the accessory are two USB cables to allow for connection to an iOS device or a Mac. Apogee clearly took one from Apple’s book here, because this thing looks to be very user friendly.

The Apogee JAM will be available March 31st for $99.

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