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Runmeter iconCategory: Healthcare & Fitness
Developer: Abvio
Cost: $4.99
Download: Runmeter
Requirements: iOS 3.0 or later
Version Reviewed: 5.0.3

I first met with and heard about Runmeter at Macworld 2011. I was quite impressed at their booth as they walked through some of the features of the application with me. In terms of running applications, it definitely seems the easiest to understand yet most feature packed I’ve seen.

The main screen of Runmeter displays many of the stats about your run. For instance, you can see information such as how many calories you’ve burned, your distance, your times remaining, your pace, and a surplus of other random data in which you might be interested.

In short, the application basically keeps track of everything the iPhone can when it comes to runs. It can even read some of those stats back to you using the iPhone’s headphones. A section of “Announcements” in the app allows you to customize exactly what you want to hear and at what intervals during your run.


Runmeter will also keep track of the path you take during your run and display it to you using Google Maps. With this feature, you can then see your routes organized on a map. Combine this with the ability to see your starts on various graphs and your running calendar all within the application, and you can basically do anything.

In fact, you can even race against your friends (or yourself) if they’ve run the same routes as you.

Runmeter also has some cool features that I think really make it stand out from other running apps. Along with the ability to hear your stats during your run, it also has automatic stop detection to tell when you’ve stopped running and pause your time for you. Furthermore, you’re always able to import or export all sorts of data related to your runs so you can compete with others and take that data where ever you want. And as you’d expect, you can share this data with sites like Twitter, Facebook, and dailymile as well.

Basically, Runmeter does anything a runner could want during their runs. It’s really quite an amazing application that can not only help you keep track of your current running stats, but can motivate you to improve yourself and get running more. It is definitely worth the $5 if you run with your iPhone but aren’t doing anything beyond using an old fashioned watch to keep track of your stats.

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Runmeter review

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