iPad Case Genius V2 review

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Provides: iPad protection and display
Developer: ZooGue
Minimum Requirements: iPad (iPad 2 model available in late March)
Price: $49.99
Availability: Now

If you’re going to design a protective iPad case that also serves as a display, versatility is key. Too often, such cases only often one or two angles at which to tilt the iPad, hurting their functionality and practicality. With the iPad Case Genius V2, ZooGue solved this issue with velcro. The problem? That’s way too much velcro.

The Case Genius V2—available in black, grey and pink —starts off like most other portfolio cases.

iPad Case Genius V2

You’ve got a durably stitched leather shell with a leather frame to hold your iPad in place. A reinforced flap folds over the screen to keep it protected, and also folds behind the iPad with a rounded spine that makes it comfortable to hold when using the iPad (albeit at about three times the thickness of the iPad itself). And unlike most leather frames, your iPad enters the Case Genius from the side and is held in place with a velcro flap. This provides protection around all the edges of your iPad, with only the corners and necessary ports/buttons open.

iPad Case Genius V2A velcro strap on the outside can be flipped around the case to hold the cover shut. The strap serves other functions as well, notably as a method of latching the iPad to a car headrest so those in the back seat can watch a movie. The velcro holds firmly, as is necessary to prevent sagging and slipping off.

Quite honestly, though, if my kids are going to watch a movie on the iPad in the car, I’m happier just letting them hold it.

It’s the kickstand, then, that really makes the Case Genius worth considering. The front cover is lined with a thick strip of velcro on each side. When you fold this back behind the iPad, a kickstand on the back can be pulled out to brace the device. Each side of the kickstand also has a velcro tab, so you can attach it at any point for viewing at any angle.

Very handy, and very simple to use.

iPad Case Genius V2

If the headrest mount and kickstand display aren’t enough, ZooGue promises further functionality via accessory attachments. The first of these available is the $4.99 PortraitMount for iPad, which attaches to the Case Genius to enable portrait orientation when using the kickstand.

The problem with all of this is that the case becomes a mess of velcro, flaps and straps. As such, it’s quite industrial looking…not something you’ll want to pull out in a coffee shop or conference room. I’m not sure that ZooGue could’ve handled this another way; a svelte design was a necessary sacrifice to get this kind of protection and functionality.

So, although the iPad Case Genius V2 is sturdy and does its job well, it’s not the kind of case I’d recommend for general use and transportation. If you want the headrest and potential for other uses via future accessories, it’s certainly worth a look. But if your needs are more about basic use, other portfolio cases will prove more elegant at a lower price point.

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