Free apps roundup for March 25th, 2011

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ColorThis week on the Free Apps Roundup, take and share pictures and video with the people closest to you (seriously, the people physically close right now) with Color. The Angry Birds get angrier when they get shipped to Rio (or is it because they saw Rio?), TeleNav GPS has a very inexpensive guidance solution, BeejiveIM released a free GTalk app, and there are just a ton of limited time freebies.

  • Color – Color is a great idea for iPhone, though I’m not sure it’s worth $350,000 (the amount paid for the website associated with this app, It’s from Bill Nguyen, co-founder of Lala (a company bought by Apple two years ago). The app allows you and your closest “friends,” basically everyone within earshot of you with an iDevice, to share pictures and video. The idea is that everyone at a party, meeting, event etc. downloads this app and uses it. It’s a great idea in theory, but all of your friends have to have iPhones and use them to take pictures often. Still, it’s definitely worth a look.
  • Angry Birds Rio HD Free – So you just bought an iPad 2. You might as well get on the Angry Birds band wagon by downloading this one right now. It comes with 6 levels that are just a little bit different than what you might be used to with the original Angry Birds. Obviously, it’s branded with Fox’s movie Rio.
  • TeleNav GPS – “Nagivation that gets you and gets you there.” I’m not really sure what they’re trying to say with that quote, but TeleNav GPS is one of the best options for those who need GPS guidance, but not all the time. The app comes with 30-days free. After that, you can pay as you go for $2.99 for 30 days. That’s pretty darn cheap. I definitely like that they let you try it out before buying in. And if you only need GPS for trips or the like, this could really work out well for you.
  • BeejiveIM for GTalk – BeejiveIM is a great app and here’s a way for some of you to get it for free. If you’re a big user of GTalk, and considering how many of us use GMail, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a lot of you, then this is the app you’ve been waiting for. The app has a ton of features and there’s no way I can cover them all here. Just download the app, you’ll like it.
  • Unnecessary Censorship – What’s the one thing missing from most videos? Beeps and censorship bars of course. There’s just something hilarious about unnecessary censorship. Grab it while it’s free.
  • Appetites – Just about everyone has room to learn when it comes to cooking. This app makes the best of your iPad’s screen by putting interactive video cooking classes on it. You can get the app and 27 classes for free now and if you really like it, you can buy some more classes via in app purchase.
  • Shopmate – An app solely to keep track of your shopping list and save you time. There’s a built in product catalog that helps keep you from typing out every item on your list. You can even keep track of how much your spending after you check it off of your list. It’ll even keep track of your favorite stores and where you found the best deals. It’s a pretty sweet app for shopping and it’s only free for a limited time.
  • DOT3 – The third installment of the DOT series is free for Today only. Your objective is to guide your DOT down the “graphical soundscape” by tilting your iOS device. They also encourage you to “drop your balls onto the OpenFeint … Top Score Board.” What else is there to say really? Maybe that “…” is not an ellipsis here, it’s the name of the game.
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