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Ah, solitaire. I used to play it on the computer at work and tell my bosses it helped me get into focus for the day. They apparently believed me, because they continued to give me raises and Christmas bonuses. I wonder if I could’ve pulled that off with Syndicate back in the day? If you’d like to try that at your workplace, you really should be trying it with Ambrosia Software’s Mondo Solitaire.

What is it?

It’s solitaire, mondo-sized. There are 300+ game variations to keep even the most dedicated of solitaire players happy. Along with you favorite versions and likely many others you’ve never discovered, Ambrosia has added their own unique twists to some to keep these interesting: additional suits, additional decks, and alternate rules.

Mondo Solitaire

I haven’t played enough solitaire to know what that’s all about, but as I played around the different versions, I discovered that Klondike (the version we all know and love) isn’t, in fact, the most fun for me. And that’s that great thing here. Although I’ll likely never play some of these versions more than once, the fact that I’m only about 1/10th of the way through the variations means there’s a lot of life here. Note that instructions are included with each variation, but you’ll have to come up with your own strategies.

How does it work?

Basically, Mondo Solitaire plays like just about every other solitaire game you’ve played, only with more options. The game automatically shuffles your deck, and you can play cards by dragging them to the proper spot or by clicking them for automatic placement. Flip the game board around and you get some options, such as the ability to adjust your suits and your flip/redeal settings.

Mondo Solitaire

The best feature here, though, is the ability to drill through the numerous versions of solitaire offered. You can cycle through them alphabetically, or you can type in the name to pull up the one you want. Even better, you can sort them by the time it takes to complete them or by your actual chance of winning.

And so you know, you have a “medium” chance of success in Klondike, although it sure never seems like it to me.

Is it contagious?

It’s solitaire; of course it’s contagious. But Mondo Solitaire is even more than normal because of the sheer depth to the game play. The various options keep things fun, and the graphics are top notch. They’re detailed, but manage to retain a basic card table look that’s easy to look at for long periods. The table opens in a window, so the background can be distracting. You can expand it to fit your screen, but that can lead to blurry graphics. Also, there’s no onscreen way to shut off full screen, but Command-F will toggle it back. I’d like to see an option here it keeps the table at its standard resolution and just blacks out the background or at least dims it.

And the sound effects can get annoying. Thankfully, you’re given the option to turn them off.

But those minor complaints aside, Mondo Solitaire is a robust option for your card playing needs. Even if you think you’re happy with the free solitaire games out there, you’d be wise to spend the $10.00 here. You may not play all 300+ variations, but you’ll have fun trying. Just don’t do it at work. Your bosses may not be as forgiving as mine were.

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Developer: Ambrosia Software
Cost: $9.99
Download: Ambrosia Software

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