SuperTooth DISCO portable Bluetooth speakers review

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SuperTooth DISCO

Provides: Stereo sound reproduction via Bluetooth streaming
Manufacturer: SuperTooth
Compatability: Any Bluetooth A2DP device
Cost: $149.00
Availability: Now

The SuperTooth DISCO speaker system can be summoned up in two words: “sound quality,” which, pardon my pun, rocks. The 28 watts of total power (12 watt internal subwoofer plus the 8 watt left/right speakers) provides clear sound without the distortion one often gets when the bass is turned up too high for the speakers to deal with. The SuperTooth DISCO fills the room enough that the sound quality is good even if you are standing behind them, which is impressive for a system this small.

The SuperTooth DISCO paired to an iPhone or other A2Dp device both via the wireless Bluetooth connection, or you can use the provided 1/8″ stereo mini patch cord that allows for a connection to non-bluetooth enabled devices. This is nice if you are looking for one all-around speaker system, instead of buying multiple speakers for each type of device you have, which becomes an expensive idea quickly.

SuperTooth DISCO

Battery life on this machine is a bit of a mixed bag. The battery can can charge while the system is in use and plugged in, but reaches a full charge faster when not in use (about three hours). Still, at its minimum, you can get a good four hours of play out of the device; more at lower volumes.

As for portability, the SuperTooth DISCO is too big to be a handheld speaker, unless you want to carry it on your shoulder like a boombox. It is much more the kind of thing you put on a table in your backyard during a summer BBQ to let the music run. The signal range in is fairly good, and you will be able to go across the house, and possibly even outside, without losing sound. You can even use it with the protective soft case on, just be aware that you will lose some sound quality if you do this.

My only major gripe is lack of independent control. If I turn the speaker off and restart the music from the phone the speaker will start back up. This can be a problem if you were not expecting music.

On the whole, the SuperTooth DISCO Bluetooth speaker system is a solid offering for the cost.

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