Scosche SneakPEEK II AV Adapter Review

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Provides: Audio/video output from iDevices
Developer: Scosche
Minimum Requirements: iPod, iPhone or iPad
Price: $59.99
Availability: Now

There are plenty of choices when it comes to AV adapters for iOS devices. Apple makes component, composite, RGB and HDMI adapters, but they don’t make a component/composite adapter. Scosche does. Why would you want an adapter that can’t decide which format it likes better? Sometimes more choices are better, especially when you don’t always know what kind of inputs the display you’re forced into using will have. Scosche’s SneakPEEK II will work with just about any display and will give you higher quality when you have the inputs for it.


The SneakPEEK II is what you’d expect when it comes to AV adapters. It plugs into the dock connection of your iOS device. There’s a spot for the included micro USB cable to plug into on the dock connector. This is so you can power your iDevice while it’s outputting video. It’s necessary since you’ll need to leave your iDevice on, and that can be draining while watching video. On the other end of the cable are 6 RCA connectors. Left and Right audio cables are common to both component and composite cables, which is why there are 6 RCA connectors instead of 8. Some TVs (mine included) are even set up to receive inputs on the side in this manner.


Usage of the SneakPEEK II is pretty simple. Just plug the adapter into your iDevice (which includes just about every iPod, iPhone and iPad with a dock connector made since 2007) and the cables into your display for the desired connection type. If you think you’re going to need extra power, plug the micro USB cable into the adapter and then into something else, since it doesn’t come with a wall USB adapter. Ensure that the tiny switch on the side of the adapter has selected the correct output. This adapter won’t do both at the same time, so if you’re experiencing problems, this is probably the cause. Finally, play a video or image slideshow.

I really like the SneakPEEK II for a number of reasons. I think you’re much more likely to use a video adapter when you’re not home than when you are. That means hotels or someone else’s house, and you probably don’t have as much influence over the type and quality of display you’ll get to use at either of these locations. The SneakPEEK II will work with just about anything, since composite is supported by nearly every TV made in the last decade or so. If you’re lucky enough to have support for component, great. But the key is, you’re prepared for either. You do pay more for having the option between component and composite. If you don’t need that choice, Scosche offers this adapter for less with just one of either of the cable types.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber who travels a lot, or if you just like showing off pictures to friends and family, the SneakPEEK II is one of the best choices amongst AV adapters. The only problem I really have with it is its price. But you might be able to justify that with how it works with nearly every iPod, iPhone or iPad that you own and just about any TV you’re likely to use for some time to come. The choice between composite and component is great for watching higher quality content when you can, but remains useful on a less than stellar TV with composite inputs only.

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Scosche SneakPEEK II review

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