Moof: Own your very own Apple icon limited edition prints

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Clarus the DogcowSome of you young’ns who hopped onto Apple with the iPod and iPhone may not remember Clarus the Dogcow. But to those of us who grew up with Apple computers, it recalls a simpler time of bombs, wristwatches and sad faces. And hey, speaking of those icons, they’re all now available for purchase from artist Susan Kare as limited edition art prints.

Susan Kare is a noted interface designer who was once referred to by the New York Times as “the Betsy Ross of the personal computer.” She designed thousands of icons for the world’s leading companies, prompting New York’s Museum of Modern Art to say of her work: “Constructed with mosaic-like precision, her icons communicate their function immediately and memorably, and with style.” Her icons are more like road signs than illustrations—clear, concise, and instantly recognizable—where the meaning is unambiguous.

Well…except for maybe that Dogcow.

Now, Susan is allowing you to own an important part of Apple’s history by offering prints of some of her most engaging icons at Kare Prints. Some of the prints offered feature her original icons for Apple’s Macintosh. The limited editions come in a range of colors and sizes and are numbered and signed.

To view the available prints and to place your orders, visit These are all limited editions, so hurry before they disappear like System 6.

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