XtremeMac Thin Sleeve for iPad and iPad 2 review

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Provides: All-around iPad and iPad 2 protection
Developer: XtremeMac
Minimum requirements: iPad or iPad 2
Price: $39.99
Availability: Coming soon

Apple’s Smart Cover is great for covering your iPad’s screen and is clearly the star pupil when it comes to stand+cover integration, but the situation out back is another story. Slipping a Smart Covered iPad into a briefcase or backpack can result in a scratched back or objects getting wedged between the cover and the screen.

Xtreme Mac’s Thin Sleeve provides all-around protection in a sleek and well-designed package with just the right blend of features for a great price. In addition to providing a high-quality pleather material with solid construction, the Thin Sleeve’s microsuede interior actually stands a chance of removing fingerprints due to the sliding motion used to insert/remove the iPad.

XtremeMac Thin Sleeve Case

The Thin Sleeve can even accommodate an iPad clad in a Smart Cover, which offers the best of both worlds. While in transit, the Thin Sleeve provides excellent protection from scratches. When in use, the Smart Cover serves its role as a great stand/riser for typing.

The added bulk of the cover makes the Thin Sleeve’s built-in eject tab a killer feature, as the friction between the cover and the Thin Sleeve’s microfiber interior make it more difficult to extract the iPad without assistance.

One important note about using the Thin Sleeve (and this is related to the design of the iPad 2, not the Thin Sleeve) is that the magnets that hold the case shut can wreak havoc with the iPad screen, turning it on and off as you put the iPad in the case. If used without a Smart Cover, it is best to disable the iPad’s Cover Lock/Unlock.

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