Steve Jobs authorizes biography, to be published in 2012

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Classic JobsSomehow, Walter Isaacson succeeded where others have failed by managing to get Steve Jobs to agree to an official biography. The book will be titled iSteve: The Book of Jobs. Work on the biography started in 2009, but we’re only hearing of it now thanks to an announcement from Simon and Schuster. The book is scheduled to be released early in 2012. Further details were not available at this time.

This won’t be the first biography on Steve Jobs, but it will be the first authorized biography. You may recall John Wiley & Sons books were banned form Apple Stores in 2005 thanks to “iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business,” an unauthorized biography by Young and Simon. So, it’s at least a bit surprising that Jobs has since agreed to an official biography.

Walter Isaacson has already written best-sellers on Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, and there’s no doubt that “iSteve” will be a best seller the moment it hits the shelves in early 2012. Unlike previous unauthorized biographies, Isaacson has interviewed Jobs, family member and others close to Steve. I for one, can’t wait to read it. I wonder if Mr. Jobs will insist on it being exclusive to the iBooks Store?

Via [Associated Press]

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