Silva Bamboo MacBook Pro cases now available

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The Silva Bamboo MacBook Pro Case’s designer and maker Justin says he’s lived most his life in Central Oregon, and has been working with wood since he was 10 years old, with the help of his father who runs a family owned and operated hardwood flooring business. Growing up continually exposed to how wood works and what he could make with it developed a love for woodworking.

Justin says he also loves Apple products, so he decided to take some time and combine his enjoyment of wood and Apple hardware, developing a project that not only protects Apple Macbooks, but gives them a “green” feel as well, resulting in these custom bamboo cases.


The cases start life as a solid sheet of bamboo, which is taken to a CNC machine where they are cut out to meet the specifications of the MacBook Pros. Once cut, the hand work begins. They are sanded, glued, felted, and finished all by hand. Then there is the leather strap, which comes from a full cowhide. The hide is hand cut into strips and shaped to get a comfortable feel, then hand burnished and oiled to get a strap that not only feels great in your hand, but will also last forever.

Why have a case if it doesn’t have a handle? Do you really want to hide half your case under your arm? Silva LTD has designed your case so that it feels comfortable in your hand and shows off as much as it can, while still protecting your MacBook. The case is also also made to cover the entire computer, not just a portion, leaving nothing to chance.


Case features:

  • Solid sheet of bamboo
  • CNC machined parts
  • Hand assembled and hand sanded

Strap features:

  • Hand cut from a full hide
  • Shaped for a comfortable feel
  • Hand burnished and oiled

Finish features:

  • Hand rubbed Tung oil finish
  • 2 coats hand rubbed Polyurethane
  • Hard, glass-like finish

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Unlike trees, all bamboo plants have the potential to grow to a full height and girth in a single growing season of 34 months. This helps minimize our dependency on our forests, therefore making bamboo a truly green product.

Bamboo is also lightweight (but strong). The cases weigh just a little over 2 pounds, which is extremely light considering they are made out of solid wood.


The 13″ model’s outside dimensions are 14 X 10 inches, and the 15″ model’s outside dimensions measure 16 X 11inches. Cases for the 13″ unibody Macbook, 17″ Macbook Pro, and also the iPad are under development. The inside is lined with wool felt. Any type of wood furniture cleaner can be used for upkeep, or you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

The finish is a rub-on tung oil which makes the grains in the bamboo really stand out, with with two coats of rub-on polyurethane, which hardens the bamboo and makes it look as if you poured liquid glass on the case.

While Justin doesn’t recommend dropping it, the case will protect the computer, like a helmet protects your head. What would you rather have…a broken case or a broken computer? The cases are warranted to be free of manufacturer defects for 1 year. Cases may be returned for full refund in new condition for 30 days after the initial purchase. PayPal, or any major credit card PayPal are accepted.

The Silva Bamboo 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro cases sell for $179.00 and are available now at

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