MailForge 2.0.7: Eudora-like alternative e-mail client

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Infinity Data Systems has announced the release of MailForge 2.0.7, the latest version of their classic Eudora-style POP3 and IMAP email client.

Veteran Eudora email client aficionados who want an essentially classic Eudora experience upgraded to support contemporary Web realities and capable of supporting OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and beyond may find that MailForge is the logical Eudora successor, faithful to the traditional Eudora way of handling email, but incorporating the latest web standards and supporting the latest Mac OS (and Windows) versions.


For classic Eudora fans left twisting slowly in the wind by Qualcomm’s termination of Eudora development and the program’s diminishing compatibility with post-Tiger OS X versions, it’s a no-brainer to at least download MailForge and give it a whirl, which you can do without any up-front cash commitment since it’s a free, 30 day uncrippled demo.

MailForge features include the option of choosing between a traditional Eudora multi-window interface or a unified multi-pane interface with tabs.


The account settings dialog will be familar territory to old Eudora hands.


MailForge Features summary:

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • Multi-window or tabbed interface
  • Powerful, fast searching
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • View plain or HTML emails
  • Send text or formatted emails
  • Advanced attachment saving
  • Edit all parts of an incoming email
  • Easily redirect emails
  • Signatures
  • Stationery
  • Manual filtering
  • Scheduled email sending
  • Ability to sort by email address
  • Import from Eudora classic

New in version 2.0.7


  • Completely rewritten search
  • Faster search
  • Search by date


  • Improved Mailbox importing


  • Filters now work with IMAP emails (full download must be enabled)
  • Emails are marked on server as Seen when read, instead of downloaded
  • Fixed bug where Deleted flag was not recognized on some servers


  • Fixed issue that would cause Redirect information to not be properly filled in
  • Fixed issue where message attribution was not filled in when replying
  • Fixed crash when sending queued emails
  • Improved SMTP AUTH compatibility


  • Fixed several minor issues with Signatures
  • Fixed several minor issues with Stationery

Mailbox Interaction

  • Improved mailbox indexing, providing a significant speed increase when opening
  • New Folder and New Mailbox options are now under the Mailbox menu
  • Fixed issue that could cause source mailbox to not display when transferring


  • Minor interface refinements and fixes

MailForge now automatically imports all attachments, similar to the method used pre-version 2.0.6. There is no longer any need to manually migrate the Eudora Attachment folder.

MailForge supports PowerPC and Intel Macs, and sells for $19.95.

Product [MailForge]

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  • weekilter

    I don't see that this has any advantage over the native email client for OS-X Apple Mail. Maybe I'm not seeing something.

  • el don

    i started using Mail, went to the trouble of filtering and making a whole lot of folders for each of my mailing lists, threads, conversations, etc, which then for no reason just DISAPPEARED. i want eudora. boo hoo. so i’ll give this a try…