djay for iPhone on sale for $1

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djay for iPhone

That’s right, algoriddim’s djay is just a dollar for the rest of the week. If you aren’t already familiar with djay, it’s an amazing app that simulates two turntables and a microphone on your iPhone or iPod touch. It does everything: mixing, scratching, beat matching, looping, effects… The list goes on, and I could keep explaining, but what you should really do is just go buy it. At a dollar, you’re practically stealing it from them.

I reviewed djay for iPhone and iPad and found both apps to be great translations of the original application for Mac. Actually, they’re likely better since iDevices are a bit more portable than many Macs and because the apps support AirPlay. That means you can DJ the party wirelessly, if you have the right gear.

Djay for iPhone is likely all the DJ gear most of us are ever going to need, unless you’re really serious about it. But if you’re a mere mortal, djay has all of the tools you’ll need to get your feet wet. Since both apps share the same feature set, the only big difference between the iPhone and iPad versions of this app is the screen real estate…and, currently, $19. Craziness. The iPhone app used to cost $10, and it will go back to $5 at the end of the week, where it will stay.

But don’t wait, get it now!

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