TimeCommand iPhone, iPad alarm clock music system giveaway

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Time waits for nobody. Time keeps flowing like a river to the sea. (My girl wants to) party all the time. There have been plenty of songs written about time, and we think it’s time you woke to some of those songs at the time of your setting. And so, at this time, we’re working with Stem Innovation this time to give away one of their TimeCommand alarm clock music systems for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Stem Innovation Time Command

Command your sleep/wake environment with this evolutionary alarm clock music system for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Charge and play your Apple devices—even connect and control your bedside lamp. Expand your mastery of TimeCommand with the free Stem:Connect™ App from iTunes.

Features include:

  • App-enhanced, customizable dual alarm clock
  • Nap/Snooze/Sleep controls
  • Bedside lamp control with dimming*
  • Precisely tuned Stem:Sonic iQ acoustic system
  • Unique curved LED display offers expansive viewing angles
  • Display is fully dimmable and brightens to the touch of a button
  • Pivoting dock connector accommodates devices in or out of protective cases
  • Stem:SafeWake battery-backup feature wakes you when power is out
Stem Innovation Time Command

To enter:

  1. Read the Stem TimeCommand giveaway contest rules.
  2. Make sure you’re registered with Appletell and logged in (if you’re not registered and logged in, your entry will be void).
  3. Leave us a comment below on this page, not on the contest rules page, by midnight, May 8th, 2011. If you had more command of your time, tell us what you’d do with it.

That’s all there is to it. Good luck, and remember; time may not give you time, and time may make lovers feel like they’ve got something real. But you and me? We know they’ve got nothing but time.

Product [TimeCommand]

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  • Mark Miller

    Looks like a nice alarm clock music system to use with the iPhone (for myself) or the iPad (for my parents).

  • adoc2b

    It tells time, it dims (like a lamp), it snoozes, dual alarm clock, iQ acoustic system, different viewing angles, back up battery… all i need it to do now is get me dresses. this is a must have… SWEET!!!!

  • adoc2b

    ooops i meant get me DRESSED… but if it can sprout legs and get me DRESSES, that'd be nice too… lol!!!!!

  • jlobaugh

    Time is tickin' away – tick tick tickin' away…but if I had command of my time, I'd surely finish that musical that I started five years ago!

  • slurm

    Control of my time? I'd go to grad school and continue working full time. Using a combination of time freezes and fast forwards it could easily be done. Also I could ride a bike everywhere and not be late all the time (Traffic is a problem when you suspend time).

  • Kemp

    Time after time I say I will be waiting.

  • CydJ

    Looks like a good excuse to get an iPad – will have to "pass time" with iphone until then.

  • bazz

    Nice design. Hope it is heavy enough not to topple over when trying to hit the snooze button.

  • Sidekickman23

    Nice looking Alarm clock it would look gorgeous in my room,
    And i will Play the hell out of it 😉
    In my command !!!

  • heygirl

    I'd have enough time to teach my students AND have a life.

  • DroodleGeek

    If i had more time then i will spent quality time with my family Father, Mother.

  • jazboy

    wow.. Could be awesome piece to own..
    If I'd have enough time then i would go back to school and will complete my post graduation.

  • Cypherjolt

    If i would have more command on time then i would go future in time and get the MegaMillion draw number.

  • darktweak

    If I would have control in time then I would move the time back to when there were no terrorism and everyone was so free to visit any place.

  • Yayyatishine

    If i would have more command on time then i would sleep more.. I feel that I always gets less sleep :).

  • Rachelcute

    Indeed very nice giveaway.. Would be nice to win such alarm music system. If I'd have full command on time then i would love to invent time machine.. Ops i guess if i have control on time then i don't need to invent.. isn't it??

  • shadowseek

    I would use time to spend learn more knowledge.. There is so much to learn in this world and i guess we don't have enough time to learn all that. If i would have time then i would spend time to learn that.

  • JD

    I'd spend more time with the family, playing with the kids, hiking with the wife. And maybe I'd get some use out of that XBox Live Gold membership.

  • maggi

    With more time I could finally understand Einstein's theory of time.

    No, just kidding….
    I would already be completely satisfied having my annoying alarm clock replaced by this "evolutionary alarm clock music system"™

  • bmath

    Isn't obvious that if I had command of time I would travel through time? If I can't time travel, I'd gladly settle on a cool alarm clock.

  • fatneko

    If I had more command of my time…I'd take monthly pilgrimages to Cupertino.

  • DogFacedSoldier

    If I had more command of my time, I'd spend it with family, friends and traveling the world.

  • iEetBraaaiiinnns


  • iEetBraaaiiinnns

    Eeeet braaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssss….. I think I'd be able to slowly limp around more with a healthy hearty(more like brainy) breakfast to start off the day. Thank to this alarm, I'll spend less time sleeping and more time feasting.