How to save a Word for Mac document as a template

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In this busy world, we all need to save time and energy. One of the best ways to do that is to not repeat the same actions over and over again. In some cases, such as your morning commute, it simply cannot be avoided. In other cases, the repetition in the process really can be skipped completely. If you create the same documents over and over again for your job, such as a monthly report, odds are that you have to format and re-format those files each time. Having a template will save you the time of re-creating the document without the chance of saving over a previous version you may need.

If you are are ready to make your template in Word for Mac, then simply follow these steps.

  1. save as menuOpen the formatted Word document you wish to save.
  2. Select file and then Save as
  3. If you need to, Re-name your document.
  4. In the pull down menu, choose “.dot” (for sharing with older versions of Word for Mac) or “.dotx” (for the current version of Word for Mac) as your file format.
  5. Click on “save.”

You now have a freshly minted template file. Open it make edits, and your previous formatting will always in tact.

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