Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth speakerphone review

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Provides: Handsfree Bluetooth
Developer: Supertooth
Minimum System Requirements: Phone with Bluetooth capabilities
Review Device: iPhone 4
Price: $59.95
Availability: Out now

The Supertooth Buddy is a remarkably slim Bluetooth speaker. At 5 inches long and just over 1/2 inch thick, it’s a simple solution to handsfree phone use that doesn’t involve a dashboard mount or even taking your phone out of your pocket.

Supertooth Buddy

Once you pair the Buddy with your phone (any phone that has Bluetooth, in fact), it waits for you to make or receive a call; no app or any other instillation required. Buddy has five buttons—volume up and down, power on/off, an End button for canceling calls, and set apart from the others is a multi-fuction button for answering calls (pressing it again also ends them, duplicating the function of the other button).

The Answer button, when paired with an iPhone, can also activate voice control, working in exactly the same way as holding down the Home button, allowing you to voice dial or activate a playlist. Behind the multi-function button is a light ring that uses different colors to display power information (powering on/off, low battery) as well as whether you have an incoming call.

Buddy offers good sound quality for a speakerphone. The noise cancellation technology did a great job of taking the hum of driving out, and even did a passable job of turning down the radio noise when my wife forgot to turn it off before calling me. You won’t confuse the Buddy for a handset call, but for a car speakerphone it’s very good, missing that tinny, echo chamber quality.

I also really like the Buddy’s design: it’s slim enough to fit in a pocket if you want to take it with you when you leave the car, and the design makes that simple. Buddy has a magnet on its back which attaches it firmly to a metal clip that slips easily on to a sun visor. Snap on, snap off. Supertooth boasts that the rechargeable battery boasts 20 hours of talk time with 1,000 hours of standby (3 hour charge). It charges using a micro-USB cable, which is included along with a USB adapter for your cigarette lighter. One weird thing, though; when I tried to charge my iPhone 4 using the adapter, I got a notification that charging wasn’t supported with the device.

If you need to use your Bluetooth phone while driving, the Supertooth Buddy is a great solution, especially if you find yourself switching cars a lot (business travelers, multi-car families, fugitives from justice, etc.). The interface is simple, it pairs easily with multiple phones, and the slim design make it easy to take with you wherever you go.

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Supertooth Buddy

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