Otterbox Reflex case for iPhone 4 review

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otterbox reflex caseCategory: iPhone hard case protection
Developer: Otterbox
Requirements: iPhone 4 (not compatible with White iPhone 4)
Price: $44.95
Availability: Out now

The Otterbox Reflex Series iPhone Case has a wonderful, tactical feel to it. It gives my iPhone this wonderful 80s SWAT team feel, or like Ripley is going to duct tape it to her assault rifle/blowtorch combo. It’s only slightly thicker than the Uncommon Capsule Case but it feels both bigger and lighter, which sounds crazy, I know; how could a case make an iPhone feel lighter? But as we know, buying an iPhone case is an emotional, rather than rational decision, and that’s how the Reflex feels: bigger, and lighter.

Otterbox claims the Reflex series was designed to absorb shocks like a car, using “crumple zones” that might deface the shell but protect the phone. I’ll take their word for it, for while I love our dear readers, I’m not going to drop my iPhone on concrete for you. The case, which has rubber corners, wraps around the iPhone leaving the face exposed (and covered by a screen protector (included), along with the mute switch, headphone jack, rear camera, and iPhone port. The power and volume buttons have thick, rubbery buttons that are easy to find by touch when buried in a pocket.

One of the advertising points for the Reflex is that it comes apart easily, and that’s true. While the data jack is exposed, if you need more room to use it with an accessory, the case comes apart with a simple pull, but the wide latch on the back keeps it from coming off by accident. As someone who uses his iPhone with a lot of different accessories, this was handy.

The Reflex series’ matte finish (textured plastic and rubber accents at every point where you touch the iPhone) has a serious though understated feel. It’s an iPhone case that doesn’t draw attention to itself, letting function shape its form.

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