Case-Mate’s Monsta and Waddler cases for iPhone 4 review

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Category: iPhone silicone case protection
Developer: Case-Mate
Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $24.99
Availability: Out now

Case-Mate have been making excellent cases for the iPhone for quite some time now. They currently have over 90 variations of case solutions available for the iPhone 4, and the Monsta and Waddler are two of their latest. Both are silicone shells that offer resistance against impact whilst not restricting access to any of the ports or buttons on the iPhone 4. Both also incorporate the iPhone’s camera into the design on the rear, with both the Monsta and Waddler using the camera as an eye for a monster and bird respectively. Nothing groundbreaking here, but a nice touch if you’re looking for something a little more playful. That’s the general message; these cases aren’t military-grade protection, but I guess they’re quite fun to use and to look at, as much as a case can be, at least.

Case-Mate's Monsta for iPhone 4

The Monsta case comes in four varieties: green, white, purple or red, each costing $24.99. Each one covers the back and sides of the iPhone 4 with silicone rubber that is heavily textured on the rear. The bottom half of the case is covered in elevated silicone dots which makes it easy to keep a hold of the device, although it doesn’t make it so smooth when you’re taking it out of your pocket during the day.

Case-Mate's Waddler for iPhone 4

The Waddler is very similar to the Monsta case; it’s mainly the design that changes between the two. The Waddler case is styled as a penguin, with the camera taking on the roll of the eye, and two feet-shaped charms attach in the bottom-left corner. The back of the case is again textured, although not as much as the Monsta case, which makes it easier on the pocket during daily use. The Waddler comes in two varieties, blue or brown, and they’re again priced at $24.99 each.

I gave both of these cases to my girlfriend to road-test them for a few days, and both faired very well, although they both had a tendency to slip off occasionally in a corner. While it can get annoying, with a case that’s made out of a soft rubber-like material, it’s somewhat expected at times. The two small charms on the Waddler case weren’t a problem during use at all, despite appearing at first-glance as though they might add unnecessary bulk in a pocket.

Case-Mate's Monsta and Waddler for iPhone 4

Both of these cases offer playful options to protect your iPhone 4, and they would be great for younger users of the device, or for anyone who fancies to enhance their iPhone with a playful creature. Both cases adequately protect the iPhone during daily use, and they add a smile to those you show it to. I wouldn’t say they offer the ultimate protection for your iPhone 4, but then again, no one really expects them to. Well, no more than you’d expect, any way.

It’s worth mentioning that these cases fit the AT&T, Verizon and international versions of the iPhone 4. We haven’t yet heard whether they will securely fit the white iPhone 4—which is reportedly thicker—although thanks to the silicone material, we imagine it would be just as usable on the white iPhone 4 without too many problems.

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