Microsoft releases Windows Azure toolkit for iOS

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Windows Azure iOS toolkitIn what some might call an odd move, Microsoft has released a new toolkit that will help iOS developers write apps that will also be compatible with Microsoft’s cloud-based platform. The new toolkit is also available for the company’s own Windows Phone platform, and will become available for Android as well by next month.

The toolkit works with iOS applications that were developed in Objective-C and xCode, and the point of this move, according to Microsoft, is to leave development on Windows Azure open to all developers by providing native libraries for other platforms.

Microsoft has strangely been working with iOS a lot lately, even though its own Windows Phone holds direct competition with Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android platforms. Just last week, Microsoft announced its new Bing Maps SDK which allows developers to implement Bing Maps within iOS apps, and the company had also released its own panorama creation iOS app, called Photosynth. This seems to show that rather than keeping Windows Phone a strict competitor against iOS and Android, Microsoft instead wishes to leave the platform as open as possible in order to attract all developers to their own platform.

If you’re a developer and wish to download a copy of the toolkit, head over to Microsoft’s blog, which goes into detail on the toolkit as well as the company’s current and future intentions.

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