Monster sponsors Team Grizz for National Kidney Foundation Walkathons in 2011

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GrizzThis year, Monster—manufacturer of many great Mac and iDevice compatible audio accessories—will be sponsoring Grizz from 30 Rock for the National Kidney Foundation Walk 2011 Season. The walks will take place in several cities across the country from May 15 to October 16. Monster’s hoping to get over 6,000 participats to wear the Monster logo on the back of their t-shirts as they show their support for the National Kidney Foundation by walking. You can find out more about participating by going to

If you don’t know Grizz Chapman from 30 Rock, then you’re really missing out on some great TV, and you should really work on that. Nevertheless, two years ago, Grizz was diagnosed with End Stare Renal Failure, which is certainly something you never want to hear from your doctor. He lost 160lbs, and underwent two years of dialysis all while still taping episodes of 30 Rock. Since then, he’s had a successful kidney transplant. Now, he’s the spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation. The goal with these walkathons is to raise awareness and help fund the fight against kidney disease. Surely that’s a fight we can agree is not a waste of money. The key is education on the warning signs (like hypertension, diabetes, accumulation of certain substances in the blood etc) and risk factors (family history etc) for kidney disease.

Monster will be sponsoring the National Kidney Foundation Walks for Team Grizz in 2011 in the following list of cities: Long Island, NY on May 15; Atlanta, GA on May 21; Syracuse, NY on June 12; Philadelphia, PA on October 9; Georgetown, Washington D.C. on October 15; and New York, NY on October 16.

You can find out more at

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