Skype for Mac receives security update

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Skype 5.1 for Mac

Amidst stories that Microsoft is buying Skype for an outrageous $7 to $8 billion, a serious security vulnerability in the Skype 5 client for Mac OS X has been patched with a hotfix that has just been released for the software. The security threat could have potentially exposed your Mac to attacks from malicious contacts through an instant message, although thankfully no exploit had been developed or used before the Skype development team patched the flaw with the latest version,

Due to the lack of any threats because of the security issue, the Skype team patched it back on April 14th, but hasn’t pushed the update out to all of its users until now. The newest version of the software, aside from closing the hole, also adds some bug fixes for video issues on high-bandwidth networks, amongst others.

The older version of Skype for Mac (2.8), which was preferred by some because of its aesthetics, was unaffected by this security flaw. Thanks to this new hotfix, it no longer affects the newest version, either.

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