Adobe Photoshop Touch apps for iPad hit the App Store

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Adobe has released its trio of Photoshop Touch iPad apps: Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Easel and Adobe Nav. Using the Photoshop Touch SDK, all three iPad apps connect with Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Mac and Windows.

Useful for Adobe Photoshop CS5 users, here’s a brief rundown of what each of these apps has to offer.

Adobe Color Lava allows you to mix-up colors on your iPad as well as create custom color swatches. You can then use these color swatches in Photoshop CS5 or use the app independently, especially if you’re feeling a bit creative and have time to spare.

Adobe Color Lava

The Adobe Color Lava costs $3 from the App Store.

The next app is called Adobe Easel, and its name pretty much says what it’s all about; it turns your iPad into an art canvas.

Adobe Easel

The app lets you paint using your fingertips. And since it’s not guaranteed that whatever you’ve produced on your iPad will be picture-perfect, you can still enhance your painting on Adobe Photoshop CS5.

You can grab this iPad app from the App Store for $5.

Finally, there’s Adobe Nav which lets you use your iPad in activating Photoshop tools as well as manipulate opened Photoshop documents on your computer’s Photoshop CS5.

Adobe Nav

The app also allows you to customize your Photoshop CS5 toolbar as well as browse, reorder, zoom and view Photoshop documents. This app is available for $2 from the App Store.

Products [Adobe Easel], [Adobe Nav], [Adobe Color Lava]

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