Just Mobile Slide iPad stand review

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Just Mobile Slide standProvides: Mobile stand for iPad
Developer: Just Mobile
Minimum Requirements: 1st or 2nd generation iPad
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now

What the Just Mobile Slide stand for iPad lacks in aesthetics, it definitely makes up for in functionality, and that’s what I appreciated most about this product. Being only a single piece of aluminum and a rubber cylinder for support, it could be easy to see why someone would go for a nicer-looking stand over the Slide. However, sometimes (such as in this case), you have to look past the image into what the product is actually capable of.

Of course, being a simple iPad stand, there is no other purpose that it could serve, although in its simple task of keeping my iPad upright through my mobile entertainment (and other purposes), it did the job just right.

My favorite aspect of the Just Mobile Slide stand would have to be the rubber cylinder for a number of reasons. Its high friction kept my iPad firmly in place throughout entire sessions of use without any problems, and also allowed me to adjust the angle of my iPad to comfortably fit whatever position I would be in. This is very unlike many other stands I have seen and used before that focus more on things like looks while sacrificing something so important like being able to simply adjust the device’s angle and hold it firmly in place at all times.

Beyond all of this, using the Just Mobile Slide is as simple as sliding the iPad into place on the aluminum piece and adjusting the viewing angle by rolling the cylinder back and forth as desired while the iPad rests against it.

Just Mobile Slide with iPad

One feature I feel is missing from this product (although it does not have any effect on my rating), is a physical keyboard. Before using the Just Mobile Slide stand, I was using Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock as my “stand”, even in landscape mode where it would constantly fall out of place. However, having a physical keyboard to use with my iPad is a huge benefit to me as I get a lot of my writing work done on it, which is why I would always have the iPad Keyboard Dock around me until the Just Mobile Stand took its place for things like watching Netflix in the landscape orientation.

In all, as an iPad stand, Just Mobile Slide definitely deserves the perfect rating I’ve given it. The addition of a keyboard could only make this product that much better, and would definitely motivate me to cough up some extra money to pay for it.

If you need a stable and efficient iPad stand for at home or on the go and don’t mind looks that much, the Just Mobile Slide would likely be your best choice.

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Just Mobile Slide iPad stand review

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