May 16, 2011, Macintosh product updates

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Macintosh software and hardware updatesMacintosh product updates and announcements for May 16, 2011:


  • yType is a new productivity tool that runs in the background to amplify your typing ability. Type a few characters (called a shortcut) to paste a much larger block of text (called an expansion) like your name, a url, picture or even several pages of formatted text instantly anywhere on your Mac in any application. yType instantly makes any Mac user more productive.
  • Apparent Software has launched Productive Macs, a bundle of Productivity applications for Mac OS X. This bundle contains 8 hand-picked premium productivity applications, available at 86% discount from their original price. All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations, including TextExpander, PathFinder, Keyboard Maestro, Blast, Today, HoudahSpot, Socialite and Mail Act-On. The bundle runs for 2 weeks: from May 15 until end of May.
  • Linus Winterseel has released X4Shortcuts 1.1, an update to his development utility for Mac OS X. X4Shortcuts is a lightweight tool that lets you search for everything you need as developer. iOS and Mac Reference, Google and over 300 keyboard shortcuts for Xcode4. Only one shortcut away you get every information you need. Version 1.1 offers a new iOS and Mac Reference-Search, a new web based search, with several bug fixes and code tweaks.
  • CodingMammoth is celebrating their 3rd birthday by offering a 70% discount for QuickScale 3.8 from the 16th to the 23rd of May. QuickScale 3.8 is an application built for Mac OS X to scale images without losing quality. Offering offers 5 different scaling methods, QuickScale features a lot of options, ranging from scaling methods to custom names. QuickScale also features Droplets, little applications that work with the settings when you created the droplet.
  • Brosix has now announced a web, online version of their popular Brosix Instant Messaging program. This program allows Brosix users to log into their account and contact their IM friends and colleagues without downloading Brosix Instant Messenger. This web client is free to use and users will only need an account, which is also free through Brosix Personal. This web version of Brosix offers the same high level of encryption so user’s personal information can be protected.
  • MacPhun has announced the highly anticipated release of FX Photo Studio for Mac, the supercharged and more adept version of the wildly successful FX Photo Studio mobile franchise. FX Photo Studio for Mac will be available in Standard and Pro editions at launch, giving photography enthusiasts the option to choose the most suitable version for their image processing needs. In addition to its expert handling of every major file format, including RAW image files, FX Photo Studio’s easy-to-use interface and robust editing features makes it one of the most powerful image processing tools available on the Mac App Store.


  • Lexmark International, Inc. and LegalZoom have announced five new SmartSolutions bundles that can be printed on-demand directly from the touch screen of a Lexmark Web-connected all-in-one (AIO) printer. Lexmark helps businesses save time and money by offering workflow solutions. For example, with LegalZoom print-on-demand forms, businesses do not need to have stacks of preprinted forms that could go to waste. Once the solution is installed, a business can print the forms it needs directly from the AIO touch screen without even turning on the computer.
  • Lexmark International, Inc. has announced the new Envelope Wizard SmartSolution that allows small and medium businessess (SMBs) to quickly and easily address envelopes from the touch screen of a Lexmark Web-connected all-in-one (AIO) printer. With Envelope Wizard, you can enter and save your return address to simplify the process. Then you easily enter the destination address, choose the envelope size and print. There’s no need to use or even turn on your computer.
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