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What is it?

Brush off that Latin dictionary. As its name implies, VOX clock is a talking alarm clock that features gorgeously rich visuals and a choice of smooth alarms to keep you on time and wake you up in style.

VOX Clock Essex Theme

How does it work?

Hold on to that iPad (or iPhone, as this is a Universal app); upon first open, VOX Clock announces the time in a graceful but firm female voice. Tapping the screen at any time will announce the time again, which saves the bother of lifting your head off the pillow to check. The app provides a choice of a normal or whisper voice volume, and any one of four different languages for the time announcement.

VOX Clock Settings Screen

Minimalism rules the screen when using VOX; it has only three buttons along the bottom of the screen to control the alarm, time announcement frequency, and settings. Even the Settings are limited to three essential functions: voice, alarm, and display. The alarm function is basic, allowing one alarm to be set with a choice of either a track from the iPod or a marimba melody, and the app does support background notifications so your alarm will still go off even if the app is closed.

What VOX Clock lacks in bells and whistles it more than makes up for in visual appeal. There are six geographically-themed clock graphics ranging from the hypnotic pulse of Tokyo to the concrete jungle of NYC. It’s a welcome departure from the plethora of retro neon-number alarm clocks available in the app store.

VOX Clock Designs

Is it contagious?

For only $0.99, VOX Clock rings all the right bells. Apple has curiously left an alarm clock out of the iPad, and provided a barely functional app on the iPhone. While many developers have rushed to fill this void, few achieve VOX Clock’s trifecta of price, graphics, and functionality. If you need a simple alarm clock and not a complex chronometric-whatchamajigger, look no further than VOX Clock!

Category: Utilities
Developer: Letter 8 Software
Cost: $0.99
Download: VOX Clock

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