Free Apps roundup for May 20, 2011

Sections: iDevice Apps, iPad, iPhone, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, iPod touch

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WeatherLockIn a strange turn of events, someone wants you to stay inside and make virtual open-fire cookies, pretend to catch passes or jump out of an airplane, check the temperature and watch other people ride bikes instead of enjoying the warm weather by doing any of these things yourself. It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya, a conspiracy!

New iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps

  • Castlerama is a new app that uses the Unreal Engine to let you wander around a 3D world, inspired by Assisi, Italy. It’s not really a game—there are no puzzles nor enemies—but it is an impressive display of graphic capabilities.
  • Candy Train is a revamp of an old PopCap game. Rearrange the tracks to get your sugary choo-choo to its destination! Toot!
  • How many passes can you catch in Pro Football Touchdown Hero? Just remember not to do an excessive display afterwards!
  • Someone made a game out of making S’mores—Marshmallow Cookie Maker—but I guess they were worried that the powerful S’mores corporation would issue a C&D.
  • The developer calls Paper Glider Para Drop “the most addictive parachute jumping game ever!” Which makes it even more intense than Point Break, I guess.
  • Weather Lock Screen Free lets you display the weather on your lock screen. So now you can see if it’s raining when you take your iPhone out. Wait, what?
  • Pretty Pet Tycoon sounds like a mashup of CuteOverload and a children’s beauty pageant.
  • An app that lets you follow the 2011 French Open. Finally!
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