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E3The Electronic Entertainment Expo is now just a week away, and somehow, against all odds, that’s relevant to Apple users. I’ve been writing on the Mac web since…sorry, Apple web since the mid-’90s, and I can’t recall a single time where I felt WWDC was just getting in the way of the game announcements coming out of L.A. But here I am, assigning writers to WWDC while I start to check off my packing list for Los Angeles, scheduling as many meetings as I can so I’m not distracted by the inevitable glory of the Wii 2.

And that’s what makes it all so cool; that there are so many companies with whom I can schedule Apple-related meetings.

Yes, there are numerous iDevice app developers. Big names such as Paramount, Electronic Arts, SEGA, NAMCO, Square Enix, Capcom, and numerous others. But it doesn’t end there. Some companies are going to have by-God Macintosh games on display. Macintosh, I tell you! Telltale Games, for example, is going to be a fun visit, much as they were when I first visited with them at Macworld 2010. They promised some big (and surprising announcements) that day, and considering they’ve brought us Back to the Future with Jurassic Park to come, I’d say they’ve followed through. Hopefully, they’ll have a couple more surprises to show me next week.

Jurassic Park: The Game

What’s really taking off, however, are the Mac compatible social games. If there’s one thing I’m learning from the early press materials I’ve seen, it’s that we’re going to have throw away the notion that social gaming is all about farming and chocolatiers. Maybe you threw away that notion a while ago. It’s taken me longer.

But companies such as Nival are helping me along, bringing titles such as the social strategy game Prime World and the turn-based strategy game Kings Bounty: Legions to the Mac.

Prime World

Square Enix is even sending stuff our way, in the form of the WAKFU MMORPG.

Facebook and the desire to become the next World of Warcraft aren’t the only reasons the Mac is seeing so many games, of course. We also owe a lot to Steam, the Mac App Store, GameAgent, Direct2Drive, and the countless other digital distribution systems that take the burden of packaging and shelf space away from publishers. As I explore the E3 show floor (floors, actually, with an S; I’m told there are floors), I’ll be sure to cover as many Mac compatible titles as I can.

Not that I’ll have that much time, of course. Between meetings, getting to meetings, and live-blogging some press conferences for our friends over at, there won’t be as much time for discovery as I normally allow myself at Macworld Expo. This is my first E3, after all, and I want to pack in as much as I can.

The fact that I need to be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo is already hard enough to believe. That I’m having to turn down booth tours because of lack of time is just too much to process.

So I won’t. I’ll attend the show, I’ll jam my day full of demoes and booth babes, then jam my nights full of articles and media events, and hope that I can convince some of these companies to head to San Francisco next January so they can really get some Apple fanboy love.

And then I’ll hang out at Nintendo’s booth until they toss me out of the Los Angeles Convention Center and lock the doors. Because come on, you can’t expect me to only play games on my Mac and iPad, right?

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  • MacMan

    Those social games are starting to look really, really good! Not sure they are going to pull me away from Steam's Mac games though –