Belkin Access Folio Stand for iPad 2 review

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Provides: iPad 2 protection and display
Developer: Belkin
Minimum Requirements: iPad 2
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

Belkin’s Access Folio Stand for iPad 2 has some really nice design elements, and it includes a couple accessories that some other folio developers leave out. It’s rugged, it’s smart looking, and it’s relatively thin. Unfortunately, there are couple awkward elements, too, that prevent me from recommending this as much as I could have.

The Access Folio Stand’s durable exterior is built to protect your iPad 2 from scratches and scuffs, and possibly from minor drops. When open, the right hand side sports a soft leather frame, under which you’ll slip the iPad. The soft inner lining won’t harm the back of the iPad, and the interior cover is lined with the same material to keep the screen safe.

Access Folio Stand for iPad 2

However, the problem arises with the fit. It’s extremely tight; to the point where it was almost a struggle to get the iPad 2 all the way in, and certainly to get it back out. Even after I did squeeze it in, the headphone jack wouldn’t properly align without some force. A flap that’s attached to the frame folds under your iPad 2 to hold it in place, but considering the extremely tight fit, I can’t imagine it’s necessary.

The exterior of the front cover sports a roomy pocket that fastens shut with velcro. It’s certainly wide enough to accommodate the charger, a stylus, your iPhone, and a set of earbuds all at once. It’s a great addition that I wish more folio cases had.

Access Folio Stand for iPad 2

The back has a cut out for the camera, of course, as well as a hard flap under which you can tuck the cover. This creates a stand that allows you to set the iPad 2 on a desk at a good angle for movie/photo viewing if you set it up on the short side. Lay it down lengthwise and it creates an nice angle for typing. However, either way you set up the display, you only get these two angles.

Access Folio Stand for iPad 2

A rather surprising omission is that there’s no way to fasten the cover shut over your screen; no magnets, velcro or buttons. You’ll need to consider that when moving your iPad about.

At $40, the Access Folio Stand for iPad 2 is a decent option. It’s sturdy, it offers solid protection, and it’s multifunctional. However, the fit is tighter than it should be, and although the two stand options are welcome, they may not be at the exact angles you need.

The Access Folio Stand for iPad 2 is available only black, although a black / gray woven design is on the way, according to Belkin’s website. You can wait for that if you want, but I recommend looking at some other folio options in the meantime.

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Access Folio Stand for iPad 2 review

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