E3 2011: Dance and play the demo of Techno Kitten Adventure

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Techno Kitten Adventure posterE3 is jam-packed with tons of booths to visit and games to play, but you should take some time out of your hectic schedule to dance with techno kittens and cats to the hardcore techno soundtrack of Elite Gudz’s new game, Techno Kitten Adventure (TKA).

TKA started out on the XBox and has recently been expanded to include new levels, playable kittens, and techno songs as you navigate on the side-scroller to unlock achievements, rank on leaderboards, and collect the greatest trophy of them all…love. The game developers describe TKA as “a burst of pure happiness in your day” and we could all use that.

If this interests you, then be sure to go to the pop-up dance party on June 7th starting at 12 p.m. (noon) at the Los Angeles Convention Center where there will be iPads handed out so you can experience the techno kittens for yourself.

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