Monster CleanTouch Pen review

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Monster CleanTouch PenProvides: Screen cleaning and protection from fingerprints and germs
Developer: Monster
Minimum Requirements: Touchscreen device
Price: $24.95
Availability: Now

Having never purchased or looked into many screen cleaning products for my electronics, using the CleanTouch Pen by Monster was a new concept to me. Its features were quite attractive, especially the fingerprint resistance, as I always manage to cover my iPad’s screen with fingerprints during use. The CleanTouch Pen did an amazing job at cleaning my iPad’s screen and restoring it to its clear, out-of-the-box state after a single use. After using the CleanTouch Pen, I sadly even discovered small scratches in my screen that I hadn’t noticed before as they were formerly covered in fingerprints.

However, one drawback I noticed is its claimed resistance to fingerprints. Although it definitely did a great job in cleaning my iPad’s screen, once I started using the iPad again, it quickly became covered in fingerprints and smudges, although it did take quite a bit more use for it to get as badly covered as it did before.

Overall, the Monster CleanTouch is a great product for its price and what it offers. Whether you’re mysophobic (the CleanTouch Pen takes pride in its effectiveness in regards to getting rid of germs), annoyed with fingerprints and smudges as I am, or just want to keep your iDevice’s screen nice and clean, coughing up the $25 for your own CleanTouch Pen would be a very good choice. With approximately 100 uses in a single pen, it’s quite a good value for the price, as long as you won’t be compulsively cleaning your screen.

Monster CleanTouch Pen

The included cleaning cloth is also great if you didn’t get one with your iDevice and just want to clean off some insignificant fingerprints and smudges on occasion.

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Monster CleanTouch Pen review

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