JayBird launches JF3 Freedom Bluetooth In Ear Sport Headphones

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If you’re looking for the ultimate set of running headphones, your search may be at an end. JayBird, makers of bluetooth headphones, has just launched the brand new JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Headphones. In addition to being tiny and wireless, these guys have secure-fit ear cushions to ensure they don’t fall out while your head is banging around doing all sorts of sports. And they’re even sweat proof, making them theoretically the perfect set of sport headphones.

What makes JayBird headphones so cool is that they are completely wireless. I know what you’re thinking, “But what about the wire between the headphones?” Okay, when I say completely wireless, I mean there are no wires between the source audio and the headphones themselves. This is advantageous since you don’t have to worry about a cord flapping around while you’re sprinting around town. To make this even easier, the JF3s have secure fit ear cushions to keep these guys in your ears along with the 3 ear tip sizes.


The JF3s are an in-ear style headphone. They use Bluetooth, so they’ll work with all of your iOS devices and pretty much anything that supports A2DP. Audio playback can be controlled via the buttons embedded into the earphones themselves. They also function as a handsfree headset, along with the buttons necessary for this function as well. They’ll provide about six hours of wireless audio before needing to be recharged. So, unless you’re a super-ultra-ridiculous marathon runner, they’ll probably keep your juiced for about a week’s worth of workouts.

The real secret here is that the JF3s have been available via JayBird for about a month already. They just didn’t tell anyone! Nevertheless, you can order them now for $99, which includes free delivery.

Product [JayBird JF3s]

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