1Password 3.6 adds support for OS X Lion

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1Password iconPopular OS X app 1Password has received an update to version 3.6, mostly adding support for OS X Lion and dropping support for OS X Leopard and PowerPC Macs. The main reason for the drop in support for the older OS and PowerPC Macs is that the number of their users running 1Password has dropped dramatically (less than 6% of 1Password users are using Leopard), making it quite pointless for the developers to keep them supported. Also, some new features that developer AgileBits wished to include such as Grand Central Dispatch, which was introduced with Snow Leopard, weren’t possible if they chose to keep supporting Leopard.

Along with dropping Snow Leopard and PowerPC Macs, though, comes added support for OS X Lion, which will now be compatible with the app the day it is released to the public. Some other features introduced in 1Password 3.6 include:

  • Adds support for Firefox 5 while dropping support for Firefox 3.

  • Adds support for Fluid
  • Adds support for the upcoming Dropbox 1.2
  • Changed the About page to reflect the company’s name change to AgileBits.
  • Removed Camino extension
  • Can use Amazon CloudFront as an alternate download location
  • A number of other bug fixes and changes
  • Updated Safari extension to match the Chrome extension introduced last November

1Password 3.6 is available to purchase for anyone running OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or higher. A standard license is priced at $39.99, along with a family license available at $59.99, with varying upgrade prices depending on the original purchase date. Users can also try 1Password for free, and Leopard/PowerPC users can still use/download a previous version of the software.

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