Apple reveals the first Thunderbolt device and cable

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You can now buy the first products to use the Thunderbolt technology from the Apple Store: an Apple Thunderbolt cable and an external RAID system from Promise called Pegasus (just be sure to download and install the recent Thunderbolt firmware update before you take advantage of these new products).

The Apple Thunderbolt cable costs $49 at the Apple Store and supports data transfer with two independent channels of 10 Gbit/s each.

Apple Thunderbolt cables

You’ll have to buy this cable if you want to use Thunderbolt peripherals, use Target Disk Mode between two Macs that have Thunderbolt, or use an iMac as a display for a MacBook Pro that has Thunderbolt.

There are four versions of the Promise Pegasus external RAID system, each with different hard drive sizes and transfer speed. Note that you’ll need to buy the Apple Thunderbolt cable separately and each unit has two Thunderbolt ports.

Promise Pegasus 4 bay and 6 bay models

There are some other unique features about the Pegasus systems, most notably their management software that’s designed to make it easy to manage the multiple hard drives which have come configured for “fast, easy set-up to store music, photos, videos and documents or ingest and edit production video.” In addition, the hard drives are hot-swappable which makes them suitable for a server as well as providing the fast speeds necessary for video work.

Via [AppleInsider]

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  • EmmEff

    Seriously, how petty is it that you spend $1k on a RAID solution and then have to pay an additional $49 for the cable? Is somebody from Best Buy running the show at Apple now?

  • Erica Marceau

    It does seem ridiculous, but I suppose they wanted the cheapest system to be below a thousand dollars and including the cable would have put the price over that. If you can use other cables besides the one from Apple and already have them then you'd be upset at having to spend money for something you already have.

    At least Apple doesn't hide the fact that you need a cable on the Apple Store pages and makes it clear that you need to buy one.