Join Scotland Yard and find Mr. X on the iPad

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Scotland Yard

Bringing classic board games to the iPad is altogether grand idea, especially when that game is of the caliber of Scotland Yard. A classic game of mystery and pursuit for up to six players, Scotland Yard for iPad puts you in the role of either a detective or the elusive Mr. X, creating a game of deduction for the former, strategy for the latter.

Play the game and find Mr. X. He may hide in the darkest streets of London, or right in front of you, under your nose! Scotland Yard is a board game in which a team of players, as “police”, cooperate to track down a player controlling a “criminal” around a board representing the streets of London. One player controls “Mr. X,” a criminal whose location is only revealed periodically, and the other players each control a detective, are always present on the iPad. There is much enjoyment and anxiety playing the elusive Mr. X and trying to escape your pursuers. There is much cooperation and logical deduction in playing the detectives.

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard features:

  • Play the game against human or computer opponents.
  • Skill-building in areas of problem solving and interpersonal communication.
  • Play on different devices using Wifi or Bluetooth.
  • Encourages teamwork and is full of suspense.

Scotland Yard for iPad requires iOS 3.2 or later and is available now for $2.99 USD.

Now, if someone could just bring us an iPad version of 221B Baker Street, I’ll be all set.

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