App Store reaches 15 billion downloads

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Apple's App Store vs. Google's Android Market

According to a press release issued today, Apple’s App Store has reached a stunning fifteen billion downloads, while the Android Market lags far behind as Google announced last week that it was approaching five billion downloads. Currently, there are approximately 425,000 apps and 100,000 iPad apps in the App Store, which Apple claims has around 200 million users, and the company has paid out about $2.5 billion to its developers.

Even though Google’s Android Market seems to be lagging behind, its growth is quite impressive as well. The Android Market reached a billion downloads last July, multiplying that by five in only a year’s time, with nearly one billion downloads taking place in the past two months. Apple’s App Store, in comparison, grew from ten to fifteen billion in less than half a year, totaling nearly a billion downloads each month.

All of this clearly indicates just how rapidly the mobile application market is growing, and this is expected to continue as both platforms evolve.

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