iPad Appidemic: Treasure Seekers 3 – Follow the Ghosts

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I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but hidden object games have pretty much become actual games. Originally, they played on the computer the same way Where’s Waldo and I Spy played in book form. But now, there are complete mysteries to solve. There are puzzles interspersed. There are characters and animations and…well, reasons for serious adventure gamers to play them.

Here, then are some reasons to play Treasure Seekers 3 – Follow the Ghosts.

What is it?

Treasure Seekers 3 – Follow the Ghosts, as you’ve likely gleaned from the title, is the third entry in the Treasure Seekers hidden object game series. They center around Nelly and her brother Tom, who apparently are very good at walking into severely cluttered rooms and finding flour and stuff.

Treasure Seekers 3 - Follow the Ghosts

If one could make a career of that, my wife would toss away her accounting education in a heartbeat.

How does it work?

Treasure Seekers 3 is a bit more complex than other hidden object games you may have played. You don’t just find objects and move on, you have to find objects and apply them to other objects (or ghosts). Finding bread wasn’t good enough for one ghost, it first had to be baked, so I had to backtrack to recall where I saw an oven, cook the bread, and give it to the ghost.

This kind of hunting, finding, backtracking and deducing carries out across five chapters, offering 48 levels in in all. It can be quite daunting, but there’s a note system so you can keep track of things, and you’ve of course got the hint option.

Treasure Seekers 3 - Follow the Ghosts

Logic puzzles are interspersed to break up the hidden object gameplay, but there’s nothing new there; you’ve undoubtedly played these puzzles before.

Is it contagious?

It really is, mainly because these games are so perfect for the iPad. Playing them on the Mac always seemed like a waste of power to me. The iPhone is a bit too small. But the iPad provides an intimate feel you don’t get from sitting at a computer desk, not to mention the graphics power to handle the beautifully illustrated and animated level locations. There’s a creepy air to the whole game that makes it perfect for winding down your evening in a darkened room.

Two difficulty settings will appeal to object seekers of most skill levels, and Facebook and Game Center support will please the social gamers out there. Treasure Seekers 3 – Follow the Ghosts is much more involving than you might expect if you haven’t tried a hidden object game in a while, and is an overall satisfying experience.

Category: Hidden object games
Seller: G5 Entertainment
Cost: Free (full game unlock for $6.99; iPhone version for $4.99)
Download: Treasure Seekers 3 – Follow the Ghosts HD

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