DSLR Mount comes to the iPhone

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Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount

A company by the name of Photojojo has just announced an SLR Mount for the iPhone. The purpose of this accessory is to allow owners of an iPhone 4 to mount a Canon EF-mount or Nikon F-mount DSLR lens onto the iDevice, greatly expanding the capabilities of the iPhone’s built-in camera.

With the iPhone SLR Mount—which is made up of an iPhone 4 case, UV filter, and SLR lens adapter and should be available to the public starting in mid-August of this year—users will no longer have to rely on apps that simulate focusing or filters, but will actually be able to work with the real deal, given the ability to attach telephoto, wide angle, macro, or fixed-fifty lenses to their iPhone 4s using the SLR Mount. This, in turn, expands what’s possible with the iPhone’s camera, including the ability to manually focus photos and take pictures with varying degrees of depth-of-field exposures.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that you will lose 1 to 2 f-stops when using the SLR Mount, your photos may turn out darker than usual; you will either have to live with that or somehow compensate for it. Another small downside is the fact that traditional SLRs contain mirrors that flip a photo as it’s being taken, and will need to be flipped back with the use of an image editor afterward.

The iPhone SLR Mount is unfortunately also going to be quite pricey at $249 (not including the camera lenses, which you’ll have to supply yourself), although it will likely be very useful for professional photographers who happen to own an iPhone and wish to expand its possibilities in regards to taking photos.

Product [Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount] Via [ModMyi]

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