Apple will sell MacBook only to schools

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Apple has quietly removed the MacBook from the online Apple Store and will make the model available only to educational institutions for $899. Not individuals attending or working at schools, but the schools themselves. They also have older (and thus cheaper) iMacs on their online Apple Store that are only available to schools, as well.

Now the current cheapest Apple laptop is the MacBook Air which sells for $999, and while it’s the same price as the MacBook was, it does have a smaller sized screen and storage space, as well as no optical drive. If you want a 13″ laptop, you either buy a MacBook Pro starting at $1,199 or a MacBook Air starting at $1,299.

While it’s understandable why Apple discontinued the MacBook, it was good to have a laptop option for under a thousand dollars. Perhaps Apple thinks the iPad fits that market instead, although this is pure speculation on my part as there has been no official statement as to why the MacBook was discontinued.

Via [MacRumors]

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