How to speed up the Mac App Store

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Certificate Revocation List toggle

Is the Mac App Store running slowly on your Mac? Apparently this issue is quite common for many Mac users, especially those on OS X Lion. Thankfully, there’s a very simple and straight-forward tweak you can try in order to speed up the Mac Store App and reduce the amount of lagging and load time you may be experiencing. Following are the steps to complete:

  • Quit the Mac App Store with Command + Option + Q
  • Open Keychain Access from Applications > Utilities
  • Go to Keychain Access > Preferences > Certificates
  • Set “Certificate Revocation List (CRL)” to “Off”
  • Quit Keychain Access
  • Relaunch the Mac App Store

After going through the above steps, the Mac App Store should be running normally without lag or ridiculous loading times, although keep in mind that changing Keychain Access preferences is completely at your own risk. That said, a lot of users have stated that with security risks aside, this tweak fixed their Mac App Store issues.

Via [MacStories]

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