Cushi soft foam pad adhesives for iPhone 4 review

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Cushi soft foam pad robotics version

Provides: iPhone protective padding
Developer: id America
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $11.99
Availability: Out now

The first thing I did with my iPhone was put it in a case. While I admired it’s design, I was more interested in using apps and even more worried about dropping it and shattering the glass that covers the front and back. So, when I got the Cushi soft form pad to review, I was walking around like a nervous parent for days, always worried something terrible was going to happen to my baby. Now, though, I think the Cushi soft foam might be my favorite iPhone accessory.

Cushi soft foam pad

The Cushi foam pad is just that: feeling (and for the first week, smelling) like a puffy sticker you’d adorn a Trapper Keeper with in 1984, it covers the back of the iPhone 4, and only the back. The kit also comes with a screen protector for the front and a selection of stickers to cover the Home button as well. I have no idea what they use for the foam adhesive, but it works well; it sticks firmly without leaving residue, and if you misalign the pad, you can peel it off and reapply it. What protection it offers is against scratches, unless your iPhone falls flat on its back, you won’t get much help if you drop it.

The foam has a nice tactile feel, giving the back of the iPhone a good grip. One thing that really surprised me was how much I enjoyed the Home button sticker: I thought having a bump on the front screen would annoy me, but it makes it remarkably easy to find while pulling the phone out of my pocket, or in the dark. The designs on the pad are fun: one was a cartoony cityscape, the other clearly inspired by the mecha of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Another pleasant surprise was how much I enjoyed the feel of the iPhone in my hand, without a case. Strangely, the iPhone feels heavier, firmer, perhaps because I’m gripping metal and glass rather than shock-absorbant plastic. But the Cushi is quickly becoming my favorite iPhone “case.”

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Cushi foam pad review

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