Add a spedometer to the iOS Maps app with the Speed for Maps tweak

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Speed for Maps iOS tweakAlthough there aren’t too many tweaks for the Maps app in Cydia, Speed for Maps brings a quite useful one which adds a spedometer to the app. This is a great feature for those who use the Maps app for navigation purposes, and is arguably something that Apple should have natively implemented into the app themselves.

Speed for Maps blends in with Maps nicely in terms of UI, and allows users to customize units of measurement. Although that is the complete functionality of the tweak, there is not much more which could be added anyway, and that is more than enough for a free tweak.

Maybe Apple will be borrowing the idea from this tweak in a future iOS update. For now, if you’d like a spedometer in your iOS Maps app and you have a jailbroken iDevice, you can download Speed for Maps for free in Cydia.

Via [ModMyi]

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