Google+ iOS app adds iPod Touch and iPad support

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Google+ iOS app

The Google+ app, which was previously released only for the iPhone, has just been updated. According to the change log, the app now supports iPod Touch and the iPad. Unfortunately, it is not really a full-scale iPad app, and therefore will not scale properly to the iPad’s screen; you will have to tolerate the not-so-pleasant screen renderings when the app is viewed via the “2x” mode. Hopefully, Google will come out with a “real” iPad app soon, or at least release a universal version.

One good thing about the update which was not mentioned in the app’s change log is the fact that Google+ now runs smoothly with iPhone running iOS 5 beta. Previously, many have complained that the app closes prematurely when viewing the Streams (myself included). This was fixed by the Google+ update.

If you check out the app using your iPhone running on iOS 5 beta on iTunes, the “install” button is activated. This means you need to update your iPhone installation. That’s what I did, and the app was re-installed. I then fired it up and I was prompted that Google+ app does not fully support iOS 5 so some features may not work. But then when I checked the Google+ Streams, the app works and did not force itself closed. All the other features seem to be working well too.

So, if you’re iPhone is running iOS 5 beta, you may want to update your app and be treated by a fully-functioning Google+ app for your iPhone.

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